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Back in 1974, I had a male Pomeranian, Foxy. I had been told by my vet that he wouldn't live to be a year old because he had an open fontanel and suffered from severe seizures. Any little tap on the head and he would be knocked out. The cat found this out and took advantage of it at every opportunity. To make a long story short, Foxy lived to be 6 years old and at that point I made the decision to let him go since the seizures were getting worse all the time.
The week after he died I went to a dog show. My mom was showing Poms then, and I was watching the Poms and of course, crying. I turned around and there stood this big hairy creature who was a carbon copy of my Foxy only much bigger! It was love at first sight and I had to have one of them!
I started my search for a chow and came home with a "show quality" bitch that I paid $100 for. Guess what--first show we entered we took one look at Amy Sue and then the chows that were entered and said "What are we doing here?" I loved her very much and she lived to be 16 years old but she was definitely not "show quality". So off we went again, this time to a well known breeder in the area. She sold us a "show quality". It took me 5 years to finish him. Guess the judges got tired of seeing me out there with him. He was gorgeous to look at but when he moved, well it wasn't exactly the best movement. 
My next purchase was a male who became Ch. Sunswept's Against The Wind. While my Amy Sue was the beginning of a love affair with chows that has lasted all these years, he was the true beginning of my show career.
Through all these years it was my husband, "Spence" who supported me and kept me going during all the new starts we had to make. I am keeping our dream alive and carrying on the reputation he helped me build during our years together. This website is dedicated to his memory.

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